Business Coaching for Therapists

Do you have a clear, step-by-step plan to build a business and life you love?

Tackling all the nitty gritty aspects of running a business is just as important as honing your work with clients- because if your business isn't healthy and flowing- you WILL burn out! 

We create a truly customized program that uncovers what you need and holds you accountable to implement it through your time with your coach! Allow your coach to come along side you during the slow times, through vacations, illnesses, and all that "life" throws at you so you have your most awesome business yet! 

  • One-on-one business coaching, accountability, and consulting from a trained therapist who can help you uncover the blocks that keep you from moving forward with more ease. 
  • The tools and guidance you need to implement things as simply and elegantly as possible. 
  • 3 months or 6 months of individual coaching, hand-holding, and support to keep you accountable and help you break through the limits you set for yourself. 
  • Limited spots available to allow for focused attention and responsiveness throughout the year.
  • Investment: $2,500 for 3 months or $4,500 for 6 months. 

My Income Tripled

"I worked with Kelly and Miranda in 2011, I was super green. After I worked with them my confidence, knowledge, and ability soared and my private practice just took off. In late 2016, I started feeling like I wanted to take my practice to the next level. I entered into one year of intensive coaching with them again. I came in with all these ideas and they started digging down, they really help you organize your thoughts, and get a clear cut direction of where you should be going in a gentle and loving way. One-on-one, a lot of hand holding, structure, boundaries, and clear cut direction. And now I've expanded into a group practice! Give them a call, you'll never regret it." 

Tangia Elief, LCSW

“As far as the emotional support... Miranda's playfulness and ability to push gently and get me to do things that were really scary, like record a video has been really incredible.”  

"Working with Kelly she really helped me see the issues I was working with on all levels. Being able to talk through how not holding to my fee was impacting my busienss, but also how it tied into my family of origin issues."

Zoe Gillis, LMFT

Kelly Higdon's advice and coaching has completely transformed my consulting business. As a direct result of her advice, my conversion went from 10% to over 70%. She is able to drill into the practical next steps to help a business grow. As well, she pushed me to think about my ideal day and build my business around my desired lifestyle. Because of her help, I work three days a week and have a multi-six figure business. Beyond numbers, Kelly genuinely cares about people. She has the perfect balance of getting things done and a friendly personality. I can't recommend her highly enough! 

Joe Sanok, LPC  

"If you haven't done a coaching session yet, I highly recommend it! So worth it! I was feeling so scattered and Kelly helped me sort it all out and feel more empowered. The day of the call I was feeling like it might be a waste because I couldn't articulate very clearly what was going on for me and wasn't entirely sure I knew what I wanted to get out of it. Kelly was able to clarify and help me see the calm in the chaos! Thank you, Kelly! I'm beginning to work the action steps we identified and have a PLAN which puts me back in control."

Karen Whitehead

"I will never forget my first phone call with Miranda. I was struggling with what my business could be and she effortlessly provided me with practical and creative advice. She is extremely personable and funny and truly cares about improving the lives of therapists and their clients. I am proud to say I have worked with her since that first phone call and my business success is a direct result of that.  

Maelisa Hall, PsyD QA Prep

Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching for Therapists

Why a three month minimum? 

We believe you can get basic questions answered by anyone in a coaching session, but we believe much of our strength is our ability to get to know you more deeply, dig deeper, and look at the big picture. 

Who will my coach be? 

Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer are both passionate trained therapists and business coaches that have shown again and again that they know how to encourage and support people to make their plans a reality. You can choose your preferred coach, or be assigned based on your unique needs if you aren't sure who would be a better fit. 

What about Project Rebel, Most Awesome Conference, or My Awesome Year? 

We took the things that we LOVED from each of these programs and put them together in new and unique way that we are beyond excited about in My Awesome Year. The program sold out and won't re-open until late 2019. We have limited slots for private coaching clients throughout the year. 

Is there any other way to work with you? 

Absolutely! Business School Bootcamp for Therapists is our award winning lifetime course for therapists that includes 4 weeks of online coaching per year every year for just a one-time investment. Learn more about why bootcamp here