Do you have clear, step-by-step plan to accomplish all your BIG goals and make 2018 the best year yet for you and your clients?  

No? Then you are in the right place.

Coaching for Therapists

....the year you tackle all the ambitious goals that you’ve been putting off for WAY. TOO. LONG.  

Maybe it's needing to grow your business, launch a new product, develop a certification, get off the insurance panels, or streamlining your business so you can actually have a LIFE.  

Perhaps you’re not even clear on what you want or need to do, you just know, from a deep, soul place, that it is time to go BIG.  

Big dreams Big impact Big checking account  

(Texas would be proud.)  

But there’s one BIG thing standing in your way:  


Between client work and managing the biz side of things (and maybe trying to take a shower once in awhile), your schedule is MAXED OUT.  

You have no idea how you're supposed to find the physical and mental energy to research new strategies and put in the grunt work to create massive change.  

At this rate, you're afraid you might keep putting off your growth forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever... (You get the idea.)  

Tell us, does it feel like you’re...  

  • Always getting stuck. You're continually starting project after project, but when you hit a bump in the road, you stop. It's just easier to move on to something you're confident accomplishing.  
  • An accidental procrastinator. Being an overachiever type, you fill your plate with way too much to do. Hate to break it to you, but you're not a robot, and those self-imposed deadlines will just keep getting pushed, and pushed, and pushed...  
  • Running on fumes. Between marketing, branding, accounting and all the biz stuff you barely have time for your clients let alone do all that self-care that you KNOW you need if you don’t want to burn out.  
  • Taking a huge risk. Congrats! While it’s driving you nuts, you’ve accomplished a lot with your practice. But now you’re worried if you try sometime bran-spankin’-new you could lose it all.  
  • Constantly jumping from thing to thing. You want growth, you want to change, you want freedom, you want everything! But you know starting in 10 different directions isn’t the answer. You need a SMARTER way.  

If you keep doing the same thing and running your practice like you have -- you WILL burn out! 

How do we know?  

Because we’ve been there.  

Hey, we’re Kelly + Miranda! We’re two therapists who have successfully built our own low-stress, highly passionate, cash-pay private practices.  

And trust us when we say we know how you feel.  

When we first got into therapy, we LOVED the work. Our calling is to help people; it runs DEEP in our DNA. But we struggled with the business side.  

How were we supposed to make money without working ourselves to the bone?  

It didn’t help that Miranda created her practice during the recession, and Kelly built her’s in an area supersaturated with therapists.  

We both asked colleagues for help, employed business coaches, life coaches, and scoured the internet for advice. But honestly, most of the advice didn’t seem to fit and there wasn't much helpful info specifically for therapists.  

So, we took what we learned, adapted it to what we felt was right, and forged our own way.  

Through these new systems, we were easily able to build fast-growing practices that genuinely flourished and thrived.  

If we had continued to listen to our colleagues and traditional business coaches about how we ‘should’ run our practices, we would have made TONS of mistakes and struggled for years.  

Kelly and Miranda business coaching for therapists

Quick note: Look, we're clearly selling a program so OF COURSE, we're going to say that finding help led out our success. We all know how marketing works. But, you know what? This is our truth. And marketing or not, we stand 100% by the fact you NEED to find help if you're going to grow a successful private practice.  

Do you want to wait 2 years to open your practice as you wait for insurance panels and get reimbursed $65-$85/hr?  


Do you want to open up right way, and charge what your worth no matter how saturated your market?  

THIS is why we want to offer a DIFFERENT kind of help.  

Help that’s geared specifically for therapists by experts who have BEEN THERE. Help that isn’t one-size-fits-all and is tailored specifically to YOUR practice. Help that holds you accountable and makes it possible to push forward with confidence and ease. Help that's hands-on and 100% there for YOU.  

Sound like the kind of help you’ve been searching for?  

Say hello to...

This application only, year-long, fully customized, intensive coaching program will help you get clear on your BIG goals and hold you accountable to implement them throughout 2019!  

For an entire year, we'll provide weekly support, monthly in-depth coaching calls, and all the feedback, tutorials, mindset work, advice, guidance, and all accountability you want and need!  

Because let's face it; your vision isn't going to fit in a 2 or 3-month program. We’re going to know your business from the inside and out and help guide you through an entire annual lifecycle.  

Easy times, hard times, frustrating times, silly times, vacation times, we'll BE THERE.  

Whatever your BIG goal(s), we’ll be right by your side to make them happen AND help you become a healthier, happier, more balanced therapist in the process.  

This is the program we WISH we had when we were first building out practices. #jealous  

Are you ready to work less, enjoy life more, AND grow your practice?  

Yeah, we thought so.  

Just imagine, in one year having...

  • Set and accomplished amazing goals! - Picture this: you're attending a 2019 New Years party, and you feel so accomplished because, unlike everyone around you, you did EVERYTHING you set out to do in 2018! Cheers to that!  
  • All the skills needed to keep growing. Beauty is temporary, but knowledge is forever! Everything we teach you won't ONLY be applicable for our year together, but for the lifetime of your biz!  
  • Blasted through your blocks and eliminated your limitations. No more self-sabotage, anxiety, or fear (at least when it comes to your biz). You are armed with all the confidence, self-care tools, and experience you need to keep growing without the struggle.  
  • Free time! What a novel idea... You have space and energy to create an even more significant impact for your clients and feel like you can finally enjoy life again. While this is your life's work, your work isn't your entire life!  
  • A full schedule of amazing clients you love! - You're booked solid (if you want) with ideal clients, and you have so much energy and mental clarity to provide the best care possible. Every morning you jump out of bed, excited to get to work and make a difference in the world.  

Yep, this is seriously like getting keys to the success castle! (That’s a thing, right?)  

Magic? Witchcraft? Sorcery?

Ha, wouldn't that be nice? Just wave a magic wand and have a stress-free, super successful private practice?  

Well, it doesn't quite work like that.  

Building a practice takes work, there’s no way around that (bummer, we know).  

BUT we’re going to give you something better than a magic wand. We’re going to lease you our brains for 1 FULL YEAR so you can forge your own shortcut to success.  

Why not skip all the struggle, cursing, and procrastination (that we had to go through) when you have an expert guide, teach, and demonstrate exactly what YOU need to do to grow your biz?  

Yeah, there’s no good answer.  

Throughout MY Awesome Year, we’re going to get to know you and your practice on a deep, deep level and customize our support all along the way. We will help you try different things on for size, analyze what works, and assist in determining what you can do to make adjustments to improve results.  

Look, we don't expect you to be perfect. We know there will be bumps along the way due to fears and anxiety. HOWEVER, we will lovingly continue to push you forward and work through these blocks.  

WARNING: We are going to be straight up and honest with you about everything. (And expect you to be the same with us!). Too many coaches promise things they can't deliver. Or try to press people into boxes that just don't fit. Then, when you don't complete their "guru plan," they blame YOU for the lack of progress.  

That’s not how we roll.  

However, if you have a big goal but we determine that something else needs to get solidified -- we reserve the right to say "yes, but first..."  

For example, if you want to launch an online course, but your finances aren't organized, you're seeing 30 clients a week, and sleeping less than 7 hours a night- we will work on that first!  

Because honestly, that online course will fall apart if you don’t have the space to do it right.  

Bottom Line: We’re going to empower you with a whole new set of skills, help you discover what you can outsource, blast through your blocks, and show you how to seriously thrive in your practice, for many years to come.  

  • Attract as many ideal clients as I want to take on. 
  • Feel excited to wake up in the morning and get to work. 
  • Finally put myself FIRST and build my practice around MY lifestyle.
  • Earn the income I've always wanted without feeling exhausted or burnt out.
  •  Move forward with confidence, armed with all the skills and confidence I need.  

Fancy that, these are the goals of MY AWESOME YEAR!  

-Karina Melvin Psychologist and Counsellor

Kelly Higdon's advice and coaching has completely transformed my consulting business. As a direct result of her advice, my conversion went from 10% to over 70%. She is able to drill into the practical next steps to help a business grow. She pushed me to think about my ideal day and build my business around my desired lifestyle. Because of her help, I work three days a week and have a multi-six figure business. Beyond numbers, Kelly genuinely cares about people. She has the perfect balance of getting things done and a friendly personality. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Joe Sanok

-Joe Sanok, Business consultant and podcaster

Working with Miranda has been one of the most influential investments as I develop my private practice. Miranda's ability to encourage my strengths, help process my weaknesses, and reconcile the two to help me develop as a competent business owner has been invaluable. One of the characteristics I most admire about Miranda: her genuine joy at watching others grow. I've been able to change not only my mindset about being the business owner of a private practice but actually walked away with tangible, actionable tools that I can use to continue to grow. I highly recommend working with her to build your private practice.

-Mercedes Samudio, LCSW

I want to start by saying that great success can only be realized when you have a great team. When I started working with Kelly, I was very new in business and I felt like I was having a really hard time. Kelly not only helped me with social media and other PR efforts, they also built me a beautiful website that took my bounce rate from 60% down to 33%. Through coaching with and working with Kelly, I was able to double my business in one short year. I went from tears and struggle to a place where I felt I could thrive." 

-Lani Baron, Attorney-Mediator, Alternative Divorce Solutions  

Miranda Palmer is a passionate, energetic coach for those looking to building their mental health private practice. Not only is she a clinician herself which means she truly GETS IT, she has understands marketing and business in a way that therapists rarely do. She's intelligent, knowledgeable and has an amazing sense of humor - all of which combine to make her an invaluable asset to anyone hoping to grow their business and have fun in the process. I love any opportunity I have to engage with her. I always leave feeling excited, refreshed and prepared with new tools and ideas! 

-Traci Lowenthal, Psy.D

  • 1 - hour per month of direct video coaching! Think of this as [15] years of private practice experience rolled into a year-long program! From Dec 2018 to Dec 2019 we will meet once a month for 60 minutes to go over your progress, set new goals, provide feedback, and answer any questions! We'll provide you with ALL our education, knowledge, and mastery to help you bust your blocks and create the thriving practice of your dreams. The session can be recorded over Zoom (if you wish) for your reference!  
  • 15 - minutes per week of hand-holding! Basically, customize your own learning module every week! You can choose between specialized video tutorials, done-for-you help, copywriting help, or private video Q & A! We'll be right by your side, every week for an entire YEAR to make sure you never feel stuck or lost again!  
  • 12 - months of accountability. Let's get one thing straight. This is not the kind of program that allows stuff to just slide by. That would be a waste of your money and our time! (Nobody wants that!) If you want serious growth, you gotta get down to serious business. This program is about commitment above all else. We'll be committed to you, and you'll be committed to your success.  
  • UNLIMITED tools and guidance - We aren't just laying on the couch, eating grapes, shouting "go do this!" We’re actually going to down in the dirt with you and show you how to do it right! This way you can implement things as simply and elegantly as possible and carry that knowledge throughout your career!  
  • A bunch of SUPER SPECIAL surprises! We're not even going to tell you about these because they're just too fabulous. Some will be silly; some will be invaluable, some will change your life. (No joke.)  
  • BONUS! - All the hugs, support, and kicks in tush you could ask for! (That’s just how we do.)  

If this sounds like EXACTLY what you need to take your practice to the next level and seriously CRUSH IT in 2019 then here are the deets: 

Class begins December 1, 2018 (The real work will begin in January, but we’d love a month to strategize and intention set for the year!)  

There are only 12 spots available for each Miranda and Kelly TOTAL! We keep this program highly exclusive to allow for the focused attention and responsiveness needed throughout the program!  

Application only Click on any of the Apply Now links to fill out an application and schedule your FREE call!  

Your investment is only $750/month or one payment of $8,000 This locks in one of these exclusive spots for 2019. Our standard rate for individualized coaching alone starts at $5750 per month but My Awesome YEAR is packed with all sorts of extra support and goodies making it one of our best deals yet.  

This is also the ONLY way to receive this level of intensive 1:1 attention from us in 2019. Just sayin’.  

Let's Rock 2018

Before working with Kelly, I was working as an Independent Contractor in a group practice-only seeing Medicaid clients. I was stressed, stuck, and burned out. Now, I’ve left my group practice and started my own solo practice. I feel more settled or confident in handling the challenges and scary moments because I can bring balance--usually through some form of Play. (Thanks to Kelly, I also set up an entire room in my office suite as a playroom and now also do Play therapy!)  

Counselor in Dothan, AL

-Julia W Stone, LLC

With Miranda's expertise and knowledge, I have changed a fundamental approach to my business that would not have been possible to do on my own (believe me, I've tried!). With her expert support and guidance, she has helped provide opportunities for me to transform the way I envision a thriving private practice. She has provided me with an abundance of tools and strategies specifically for psychotherapy practices and therapeutic business development. I know this shift will allow me to give the best of myself to my patients and still feel sustainable and fed. At every turn, Miranda was supportive, creative, attentive, and smart. She truly is an expert in the field!

-Molly Merson, MFT


As we mentioned before, this program will be packed with all sorts of special surprises. From guest speakers to LIVE training to even a super exclusive in-person event (whaaat?!), these surprises are going to skyrocket your growth and keep this year oh-so-fun!  

We know, it’s pretty exciting, and we’re sure you’re DYING to know what all these party favors are going to be*. But we’re not tellin’!  

You’ll just have to join MY AWESOME YEAR and see for yourself!  

*WE don't even know what all the goodies will be because we're going to tailor them specifically to YOU!

How do I know if this program is for me?  

If you’re unsure, feel free to apply and schedule a call. We’ll talk through where you’re at in your biz, your goals, and what you’ve been trying so far. We only want to work with therapists we can actually HELP so we’ll be super honest if you’re not a fit. (But don’t worry, if My Awesome Year is for you, one of our other programs might be PERFECT!)  

That said, you're NOT a fit if:  

  • You either haven't launched or JUST launched your private practice. We suggest you sign up for our {Business School Bootcamp}. BSB is a two week, 8-module, super-powerful, online, business training system + community that helps therapists set the foundation for a thriving private practice. {Click here to learn more}  
  • You’re a chronic procrastinator. While a significant aspect of this program is accountability, you still need to be a self-starter. If you're unwilling to work on why you have a procrastination problem, then this will not be a good investment of your time, energy, or money.  
  • You’re unwilling to learn or do the work. We’ll teach you how to outsource but if your first answer to everything is "who can I hire to do that for me?" We probably aren't your best fit for coaches.  
  • You can’t take direct criticism, feedback, or have ZERO sense of humor about your work. While the work you do is super important in the world, it's just as important to build in space for enjoyment and fun. We believe this is pivotal in avoiding burn out!  

But if you're a therapist, personal trainer, speech therapist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, or anyone who wants to give their clients better care by helping their business thrive, you are in the right place.  

 You are too talented, too smart, too ambitious, and too needed in the world to keep playing it small.  

We 100% believe in you and your ability to grow an amazing, soulful, thriving private practice. Now, you just have to decide if you do too.  

$5,500 full or $500/month

1. Click on any of the {Apply Now} Buttons! 2. You’ll be taken to a short questionnaire and a link to schedule your call. 3. You’ll choose which one of us you want to work with (or we can help you decide based your needs). 4. Then we’ll chat! We’ll get an idea of where you are in your biz, your goals, and commitment. If this feels like a good fit for both parties then... 5. We'll send you a payment page and class begins December 1st! 6. Our first session will be a 1-hour intensive where we will dig in and develop your 2018 plan, goals, and sketch out a timeline. 7. Get ready for 2019 to be your best year yet!  

What are the secret surprises? Can’t you just tell me??? We have some big plans and some fun ideas, but we want to tailor the surprises to the needs of the coaching clients we work with, in other words- to YOU! (But, definitely be willing to get on a plane, train, or automobile this year!) Who will my coach be? Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer are both passionate trained therapists and business coaches who have shown again and again that they know how to encourage and support people to make their plans a reality. You can choose your preferred coach, or be assigned based on your unique needs and personality! What about Project Rebel or Most Awesome Conference? We are taking the things that we LOVED from each of these programs and putting them together in a new and unique way that we are beyond excited about! The feedback from our Project Rebel participants has been fantastic, but we wanted MORE 1:1 coaching time and hands-on time throughout the year!  

Are you ready to set that BIG financial goal or project into motion? We’re here to walk alongside and be your go-to support throughout the year. Gain more skills, confidence, and financial stability than you ever had before.  

Let’s make 2019 your best year yet! $8,000 full or $750/month  

Working with Kelly has exceeded my expectations. Often, when looking for digital resources to help therapists, there is a wild disconnect between the tech world and the inner workings of the therapist's understanding of their practice. Kelly truly "gets" what therapists need to make a significant impact on their digital footprint and she does it with finesse, grace and respect for the needs of non-technical clients. I highly recommend Kelly and her team for anyone who is in need of digital services or web development.

-Melanie Gorman

I took advantage of Miranda's incredible knowledge to assist me in expanding and optimizing my Private Practice. In the first five minutes of chatting with Miranda, I had gotten more than my money's worth! Miranda's enthusiasm and common sense approach is staggering and there is never a doubt that you too can accomplish whatever it is you set your mind to. I am so filled with knowledge and enthusiasm because I actually have a plan, skills and knowledge to accomplish my goals. I have hired coaches in the past - well known and respected ones - but NEVER have I taken away such useful information - practical skills as I have from Miranda. If you pass up the opportunity to work with this amazing woman than shame on you - you are passing up the opportunity to take your practice to a place that few people will be able to achieve on their own!  

-Dr. Carol Drury  

Miranda is definitely a go-to person about online and internet marketing for therapists. She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic... and fun and friendly and NOT a pushy techno-geek marketer! She's a valuable colleague I'm very comfortable to refer therapists or clients to.

-Ronald Mah, M.A., PH.D., LMFT

When I first started working with Kelly, I had recently shifted off insurance so client load was low. My website desperately needed updating and I was sadly unaware of the details of my business finances. I was surprised how much personal growth was needed to help my business and that once I did some of that, things starting getting on track pretty quickly! My personal life is now a higher priority than my business life.....and it's working to the benefit of both! My caseload is full to the point of having to figure out what to do with the overflow!

-Jennifer King Blackledge, PhD

Miranda has been an amazing coach to work with! Therapists aren’t always business or technology savvy, but she has more than filled in the blanks on these subjects for me. She helped provide the framework I needed in order to begin a successful private practice. Her knowledge, leadership, and spirit have made her a stand-out among therapy coaches. I highly recommend her!

Jamie Chin

-Jamie Chin M.A., LMFT